12374_579026952162508_1550197149_nMy name is Sarah and I started riding from a young age and had owned horses since I was 10years old. I had a few different ponies through my teenage years and backed my first horse when I was 16. This horse taught me the most, how there are no shortcuts when training and you have to be patience and consistent when training any horse.

After leaving school all I knew was that I wanted to work with horses, so I went to college and completed my PTT exam and BHS stage 3 exam and registered as a BHS Assistant Instructor. I have really enjoyed working as a riding instructor helping people improve and connect with their horse.

I also have an up to date First Aid Certificate, Child’s Protection Course and DBS Check.

15492529_1873007126269144_2651746836505974373_nI worked on various yards from private yards, veterinary clinics, racing yards, livery’s, trekking centres and riding schools.I gained a lot of experience working at these yards, deal
ing with difficult/misunderstood horses on the ground and ridden.

I had always had a passion for training and helping equines and knew always knew it was a career I wanted to pursue. So when I came across the SEBC Equine Behaviour Consultation and couldn’t wait to qualify.


I learnt so much from the course and see and understand horses in a completely different way. I am now qualified and insured and looking forward to practising as an Equine Behaviour Consultant and using my knowledge to help owners with any problems they are facing with their horse.